MedSafe Disposal: Personal Prescription and Medicine Disposal Services
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MedSafe Disposal: Personal Prescription and Medicine Disposal Services


Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency logoThe EPA confirms that pharmaceuticals are present in our nations waterbodies and that research suggests that certain drugs may cause ecological harm. It should be made clear that to date, scientists have found no evidence of adverse human health effects from pharmaceuticals in the environment. Never-the-less, concerns are real and various governmental and professional organization are continuing to study possible environmental and human effects from pharmaceuticals entering our waters. The following is a summary of EPA findings:

  • Large quantities of PPCPs (pharmaceuticals and personal care products) enter the environment after use by individuals or domestic animals.
  • Sewage systems are not equipped for PPCP removal.
  • The risks are uncertain but many studies are now being conducted.
  • The number of PPCPs are growing. In addition to antibiotics and steroids, over 100 individual PPCPs have been have been identified in environmental samples and drinking water (since 2007).

The EPA is currently studying the effects of PPCPs in the groundwater and drinking water. Information regarding this science including human and ecological pathways, sources and transportation can be found at

U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Geological SurveyA study conducted by the USGS revealed that pharmaceuticals, hormones, and other organic wastewater-related chemicals have been detected at very low concentrations in streams across the nation. Most of these chemicals do not have drinking water standards or health advisories. Further comments located at note that "limited information is available on the potential health effects to human and aquatic ecosystems from low level, long-term exposure or exposures to combinations of these chemicals."
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