MedSafe Disposal: Personal Prescription and Medicine Disposal Services
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MedSafe Disposal: Personal Prescription and Medicine Disposal Services

Mailing Instructions

Medication disposal by mail.
Medication disposal by mail.

It is very important to protect yourself, MedSafe workers and the U.S. Postal carriers and in order to accomplish this the following mailing instructions must be followed.

Mailing Procedures

Follow these simple steps and rules for the safest packaging and mailing of your medications:

  1. All medications should remain in their original container(s) when possible in order to properly inventory medications. DO NOT strike out the medication name, dosage or quantity.
  2. In order to maintain privacy you may strike out your name, address or other personal information utilizing a permanent marker.
  3. DO NOT place loose pills and/or medications inside the envelope. DO NOT combine pills and/or medications or place the wrong pills and/or medications in a container.
  4. It is extremely important that you DO NOT place syringes or any other SHARP objects into these envelopes no matter how they are packaged. These are not allowed and may cause serious harm to all people handling the envelope (sharps includes syringes, needles and glass).
  5. No batteries, electronics, medical devices or other non-medication items into the envelope.
  6. Place your medication into the envelope or box, seal and mail. Mail should be dropped of at a U.S. Post Office, placed in a blue U.S. Mail Box or put into your mailbox for safe pick-up by your postal carrier. Even though it is federal offence to tamper with U.S. Mail, the safe thing to do is make sure you medicine disposal envelope cannot get into the hands of our children or people that intend harm.
  7. Absolutely NO illegal narcotics, controlled substances or other unlawful drugs. Check with your pharmacist or compare your disposal needs against the list of controlled substances you are not allowed to send to MedSafe at the following link:

Examples of controlled substances are:

Adderall Oxycodone Ritalin
  Ambien Oxycontin Valium
  Hydrocodone Percocet Vicodin
  Morphine Phentermine Xanax


Special instruction for liquids and gels:

  1. MedSafe Disposal only takes liquids and gels if you have 4 oz (approximately) or less remaining in your container.
  2. All liquids and gels must be wrapped in a paper towel, placed in a sealable plastic baggies plastic bag and then placed into the envelope or box.
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